Secondary Health Agency is a High-level & Non captive Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO)

We offer Life Insurance Agents/Health Insurance Agents and Agencies a competitive comission structure that fosters business growth without hindrance from your upline.

About Secondary Health

Each member of our executive team began their journey as an license insurance agent. We have a deep understanding of the industry and recognize the genuine desires and requirements of agents from their upline - a dynamic commission system and the freedom to manage their enterprise as they see fit.


At Secondary Health Agency we understand that chargebacks are a serious hassle in this industry. Therefore here at Seconday Health we provide a 6 month chargeback period for all Life Insurance/Final Expense insurance & a 3 month chargeback period for Medicare Supplements. We value our agents and try to provide the best possible way for you to retain your commissions.


Our agents are provided with a non-restrictive setting that promotes flexibility and independence. We recognize that you may have a preference for working with a different upline on certain carriers, and we wholeheartedly endorse your freedom to make such choices. We make sure that there will be ZERO micro management.

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